Thursday, April 16, 2009

Passover photos

These are the photos I promised from our Passover meal. First course is Gefilte Fish (minced fish made like meat balls) eaten cold with salad and Hazeret (very hot horse radish colored red).

Inbar (Eyal's wife) and their youngest daughter Tomer enjoying their Gefilte Fish.

Our daughter Liat enjoying her Gefilte Fish and watching to see who gets extras - LOL.

Next course is clear Chicken soup with Cnaidelah (little dumplings made with Matza meal).

These are the Cnaidelah cut up for eating - LOL.
Eyal(our oldest son) dishing up the soup, with Liat peeking again to see how many cnaidelah everyone is getting.

One of the salads we had with our meat balls.

Meat balls and potatoes.

Our oldest grand daughter Topaz (Eyal and Inbar's oldest daughter).

Liat and Topaz together.


Noam (our oldest grandson - Eyal and Inbar's son) with me.
Shalom my DH.

and another one of Shalom.
another one of Liat and Topaz.

Eyal did all the cooking, Noam and Topaz peeled the veggies, Tomer helped with the Cnaidelah mixing.
Inbar makes the cakes and yes I forgot to photo the scrumptous cheesecake we had with our coffee after the meal. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening.
Our other son (Orren) was with his girlfriend's side of the family this year so I'll look for some photos of them to add later.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Tomorrow evening is the start of our Passover holiday. This year, because of Shalom's condition, instead of having it at our house as usual we are instead having it at Eyal and Inbar's house. I will try and take some photos during the meal. Should be a fun evening.
Below are the thimbles I have been working on for the past two days. I had a bit of trouble with getting the flowers to stay stuck on this time, but they all turned out OK in the end.

Till the next time,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Packages sent

Sent the pincushions for the 2 swaps (one goes to Linda and the other goes to Bonita) and one for a suprise birthday gift today. I also sent a thimble to Ann who said she collects them and doesn't have one for Israel.
While at the post office I also picked up a package from Linda, here is the gorgeous pincushion she sent me. I love it, thank you Linda.
I started painting some more thimbles yesterday, this time I put too much water in with the paint so they will all need a third coat before I add the little flower pictures and the varnish.