Monday, May 10, 2010

More Wedding Photos

Here are some more wedding photos. Orren and Hagit.

from left to right: Lielle, Sahar, Hagit, Orren, Yotam and Yam. 

Orren and Hagit, (Orren swears he really jumped this high)


All 4 kids Sahar, Yotam, Yam and Lielle.

Hagit and me.


Sahar and me.

Orren and me.

Hagit and me.

Hagit and her mum.

The "old" couple and the "new" couple.

Orren with Shalom.

Orren with me.

All our kids: left to right: Inbar and Eyal, Orren and Hagit, Liat and Eli.

The "new" family: Yam and Lielle, Hagit and Orren, Yotam and Sahar.

Yam and Yotam tearing up the dance floor.

Yam, Hagit, Inbar, Amiram (Inbar's dad), Tomer, Topaz, Orren, Yotam and Eyal.

Eyal, Orren and Liat.

Standing: Eyal, Hagit, Eli, Liat, and Orren, sitting me and Shalom.

Standing: Tikva, Rachel, Orren, Hagit and me, sitting: Eyal, Yaffa, Shelli, Alex.

Eli, Liat, Orren, Hagit, Hayim and Leah.