Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Barbeque

It was decided by all the family that is was time for a barbeque, we hadn't had one last summer because Shalom had been so ill. It was all arranged for Friday evening so everyone got their "gear" together and off we went to the site that had been chosen in Herzilya. There were special tables and a place for people to heat up the barbeques and a huge park where the kids could play. Liat took lots of photos and the first one of Kaya is especially for my dear friend Susan.

Next is our oldest grand daughter Topaz, look how sunburned she is. Topaz is Eyal and Inbar's eldest daughter.

Eyal, our oldest son.

Inbar, Eyal's wife.

Tomer, our youngest grand daughter and sister to Topaz and Noam who sadly did not come for the barbeque.

Orren and his lady friend Hagit, they live close to the park where we had our barbeque.

Yotam, Orren's younger son and our youngest grand son.

Li-ell is Hagit's daughter, Liat didn't manage to get a photo of Yam, Hagit's son who is a little bit older than Yotam.

Sahar, Orren's older son. He and Topaz are the same age.

This is Aviv, my bother Alex's son.

Shelly is Alex's younger daughter.

Alex, my youngest brother.

While the men did the cooking, we ladies gossiped a lot - LOL.
Shalom is looking a lot better now that he has finished with the chemo, he is also getting his appetite back. We will have to have new tests done again in October and if all is well then he can have the next set of tests done next October.

As for me, no new projects for the moment. Doing things around the house for now.