Saturday, October 16, 2010


We have a gorgeous new grand daughter. Hagit and Orren became the proud parents of Yael yesterday morning. She weighed in at 3 and half kilos and is such a little cutee.

Also Liat won a gold medal in her swimming contest this morning. We told Eli that he should give up competing and only coach Liat for now - LOL.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jewelry Exhibit

Here are photos of the necklaces that were included in the exhibit last month at the shop where I take the courses. The other items from the exhibit will follow as well as all my other finished works.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

47 years today!!!!!

Who would have guessed- LOL. We've been married 47 years today. This is the bouquet Inbar, Eyal and the grandkids sent us. Sorry the photo isn't a better one, the batteries died so have put them to recharge and hopefully later will have a better photo.

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Wedding Photos

Here are some more wedding photos. Orren and Hagit.

from left to right: Lielle, Sahar, Hagit, Orren, Yotam and Yam. 

Orren and Hagit, (Orren swears he really jumped this high)


All 4 kids Sahar, Yotam, Yam and Lielle.

Hagit and me.


Sahar and me.

Orren and me.

Hagit and me.

Hagit and her mum.

The "old" couple and the "new" couple.

Orren with Shalom.

Orren with me.

All our kids: left to right: Inbar and Eyal, Orren and Hagit, Liat and Eli.

The "new" family: Yam and Lielle, Hagit and Orren, Yotam and Sahar.

Yam and Yotam tearing up the dance floor.

Yam, Hagit, Inbar, Amiram (Inbar's dad), Tomer, Topaz, Orren, Yotam and Eyal.

Eyal, Orren and Liat.

Standing: Eyal, Hagit, Eli, Liat, and Orren, sitting me and Shalom.

Standing: Tikva, Rachel, Orren, Hagit and me, sitting: Eyal, Yaffa, Shelli, Alex.

Eli, Liat, Orren, Hagit, Hayim and Leah.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Congratulations to Orren and Hagit

Orren our second son married Hagit on Thursday 15th of April. Here are a very few of the wedding photos. These are ones that Liat took, we are waiting for the photographer's photos.
First photo is the wedding ceremony under the Houpah.

A close up of Orren and Hagit.

Another close up of the bride and groom.

The ring ceremony.


Left to right:
Yotam (Orren's youngest son)
Topaz (Eyal's oldest daughter)
 Sahar (Orren's oldest son).

Tomer (Eyal's youngest daughter) and Yotam.
Yotam with me.
Shalom and Yotam under the Houpah.
Topaz, Sahar and Shelly (my brother Alex's youngest daughter).
This photo Shalom calls (him and the "virgins"). This is Shalom with his sisters.
From left to right: Tikva, Rachel, Shalom and Leah (Layka).