Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time for an Update

I've been told by several people that it is time for an update so here we go. Now that the Secret Santa swap on my group has finished I can now show my gorgeous gifts. We had decided that it would be a secret swap, they would know who they were sending to but not from whom they would receive. While I was trying to organize the partners I had several requests to swap with me. There was a total of 8 swappers so I thought OK I can do this, so they all got to send to me and I sent to everyone. There was a list of choices that they could request and I tried to accommodate each and every choice.
The packages started to arrive and I put them aside to open on Christmas morning, my fingers itched to open them each time I looked at the packages but my will was strong and I held out.
Here below you can see all the wonderful gifts I received. This first photo is from Linda.

The next photo is from Margaret.

 Next is from Sherry.

Next one is from Sherri.

This one is from Sandee.

Next one comes from Pepper.

next one comes from Miet

And so these are all my wonderful Christmas gifts from my very precious friends. Thank you my friends you really made my Christmas special.


Solstitches said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Ruthie. Everything you received in the swap is just lovely and I know that the things you sent would be very special also,

Cath Ü said...

The items you received were gorgeous... I would love to see the items you sent as well...

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