Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well it definitely has been ages since I updated my blog. Such a lot has happened since then, it's hard to even think about it.

When I last wrote my husband had been in the hospital because one of his toes had been completely black and covered in fur. It had to be amputated, they also took off two more toes which didn't help and after moving him to a different hospital in November 2011 he had his leg amputated below the knee.

He was in and out of hospital getting a false leg attached and learning to walk again. He was released from hospital on March 1st 2012 and on March 13th my mother passed away after being in coma for 5 days.

We had monthly check ups with Shalom and his leg. After his heart attack in October of 2000 when we were told he had only two more years to live and then the cancer in 2008 where again we had been told he would have only two more years we were quite hopeful in November 2012 when he was measured for a new leg. We thought that here we are with his heart working at just 23%, it was holding up just fine.

Then suddenly out of the blue came November 30th. I had spoken to him at five minutes past 4 asking him when he would like to have the Friday meal. We decided on 6 pm and I went into my work room to work on a necklace I had started just 2 days before. He said he was going to watch TV and suddenly I heard what I thought was a laugh, I called out from my work room asking him what he was laughing at since he usually called me to see. He didn't reply and then I heard the noise again. I got up to see what he was laughing at and found him laying down on the couch. I tried to wake him but couldn't, I called my eldest son Eyal who told me to call an ambulance. The paramedics arrived within minutes at twenty past 4,  they managed to get a weak pulse after working on him for quite a while, and transferred him to a hospital telling me to bring all his medical records with me.

My second son Orren went in the ambulance with Shalom and the paramedics, Eyal, Liat and I followed in Eyal's car. By the time we parked and got to the ER, Orren told us it was over. His heart had decided it was time.

 Goodbye my love.



Susan said...

Ruthie, I am so sorry for your loss..
Hugs to you across the ocean

Solstitches said...

Dear Ruthie,
It's a long time since I visited you here.
I did not expect to see such sad news.
I'm so very sorry.

Carla said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your story made me cry with sadness for you. I was happy to find your blog but not happy with the first post I read. Carla Finley