Monday, May 4, 2009

New Photos

Since I received my beautiful egg cup pincushion from Linda Groves (post from April 4th) I have been searching all over our town for egg cups. It seems to be a thing of the past, or what they have are these plastic ones with all kinds of different colors at the edges and no use at all for making pincushions - LOL. I remembered I should have one that I found when we cleared out my mum's house after we put her in a home (she has Alzheimers).
A couple of weeks ago my washing machine died on me and I had to clear out the balcony to take the old one out and get the new one in. It took us about a week because we had to wait for our second son Orren to come and take down the dryer (which was on top of old washing machine) before we could move the old one out. Anyway while going through all the stuff that was in the balcony I found what's in the following photo, not just one egg cup but 4 of them!!!!!

I am definitely going to have fun with these.
While fiddling around in the evenings waiting for my favorite programs to come on I took out a couple of bottle caps and started playing. These are the results.

The photo above is a plastic jar lid and the photo below is a coffee jar lid.

This next one just came about - LOL. I had some felt left over and started to make the base. One bottle cap was not enough so I added another bottle cap, then came the top, and then of course I just had to decorate the mushroom.

I promised earlier a photo of our second son Orren and his kids, this is the only one I could find for now. Here he is with his ex-wife Orrit, and their two sons Sahar and Yotam. The photo was taken when Sahar had his Bar-Mitzva two years ago.

That's it for this time.

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Susan said...

Your egg holder are a great find.. I am sure you are happy, espcially since they came from your mothers.
Love the little pincushions.
I love seeing hots of your family. It is nice putting faces to the names.