Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Stuff

On CAPC group they are having giveaways during the whole month for their 4th year anniversary. We have to guess the answers to questions and the winner receives a prize. For the first few days of the giveaway Anett was in charge and I didn't manage to win anything. For the week starting on the 3rd it was Mariah's giveaway week and I managed to win these beautiful Silk embroidery flosses. I can't wait for my package to arrive so I can pet all those beautiful colors - LOL.

Second week (this week) should have been Susanne's giveaway week, sadly Susanne was taken ill and Luann has taken over for this week. From here I wish Susanne a speedy and healthy recovery.

Susanne gave us a link on how to make lace flowers, the following photo is of the flowers I have made so far.

Miet also gave us a link on how to make a felt ring, the following two photos are of the ring I made which can also be used as a pincushion.

Top photo is a side view, bottom one is the front view and is true to color.

I am also on a quilt list, The Quilt Pocket, and yesterday I had a surprise in my mailbox. I received a gorgeous fat quarter, a book mark and a lovely little heart pin. It really made my day,
thank you Sharen.


miet said...

wow allready made a ring pincushion !!!! Its very cute !
I have the ring base but no felt ball . I must be patient untill saturday because I can't go to the shops now . My grandson is ill and he's stays with his grany = me while his parents are gone to work

Carla said...

I made one of those ring pincushions about 10 years ago. Still have it, never used it LOL Love yours. Congrats on your win. I won too!! Yay us! I see you are in the pc swap too. Wouldn't it be something if we were picked to be partners? LOL