Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Biscornu

This is the large biscornu I have been working on this past week. It is called a 15 sided biscornu because it is made up of 15 squares. Each square is 2" in size, there are 5 red squares, 5 pink squares and then 5 squares with red and pink beads. It took me about 3 days to sew all the little squares into place, after I had made the 15 squares. The finished item was definitely worth it but I don't think I will be making any more of this type of biscornu any time soon - LOL.

The photo below is of Shalom with his 3 sisters taken on our day out a couple of weeks ago. We had a really fun day with lots of jokes that had us all in stitches.


Susan said...

I love your biscornu. wow 15 sides what a beautiful piece.. You have the patience of Job.
Just lovely now make one in blue. lol

rockgranny said...

Dear Ruthie,

what can I say for the lovely pinchusion and other goodies I just receved from you? Only one word (OK, two) THANK YOU!

Hugs, Simona

Carla said...

Very beautiful Ruthie!

Solstitches said...

Your biscornu is gorgeous Ruthie!
Well done as I know there is a lot of work in that piece.
Looking forward to seeing the apron Susan sent you.