Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodies to show

The first photo is the swap I received from Carla. Look at this amazing pincushion and bag. I flipped the corner of the bag so you can see the fabric on the other side. Isn't it gorgeous.

Next photo is the Hug Swap items I sent to Maria in Holland.

and here is my return swap from Maria.

I borrowed Maria's photos for this because they turned out a lot better than mine - LOL. I hope Maria doesn't mind.

Next up is the swap for Miet. I made her one of the "famous" pagoda pincushions. Here is the pagoda on it's own. Here is the full swap sent to Miet.

Because I liked the style of the pagoda, I thought I would try and make one for myself as an early Christmas present. These are the two pieces before joining them together.

In the photo they look a bit orange but they are in fact red.
More photos later when I get my batteries charged.


Carla said...

I'm so happy you like it. Thanks for the wonderful swap Ruthie.

miet said...

THANKS for all the wonderfull sewing items !!! They all have a place of honour in my sewing room !