Saturday, February 7, 2009

February already

Can't believe it's February already. January just whipped by and I didn't manage to get all my photos uploaded. Oh well there's always tomorrow. I sent off the rest of the Christmas packages for Miet and Susan. I didn't take photos so as not to spoil their surprise. I hope they like what I sent.

My friend Susan has a new puppy, Abby is her name and she is just the cutest little doggie. Susan took a photo of her in a cup - LOL, I'll ask her if I can post the picture here too.

We had a "Swap 3 items" on the CAPC group for January, Sahar helped me package up my swap for Marian in Australia but left out half of the package - LOL. I sent off the other part on Friday so I hope it all gets there soon. As soon as I receive my package from Marian I will upload a photo.

Liat decided that she wanted to try and drive her own car today. I've been her driver for the past two months. She did very well and is now thinking about going in to work for a couple of days next week to see how she manages that. We have to go back to the specialist on the 23rd so we'll see if there is any improvement with her ankle and if he'll let her put her whole foot down and not just the toes.
till next time,

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Susan said...

oh Yupieeeeee I am getting something in the mail. lol
Of course you can post a picof my Abby She is a cutie.
Glad Liat is doing better