Tuesday, January 20, 2009

December 2008


These were the last of the swap items I had to send for 2008. First I had to send to our swap mom Anett on the CAPC group, a packet of stickpins for each persons birthday according to a list we were given. Anett and I agreed that I would make her a pincushion in return for her sending me the stickpins for my birthay in 2009 because I couldn't send a stamped envelope from here. Anett told me that her favorite color is purple so I made her a santa pincushion and stickpin in purple as my gift to her. Her birthday stickpin is inside the package with the other stickpins and she can't see it till her birthday in August.

I also had to send a christmas pincushion to Janie so what better than another santa but this time in red, together with a red stickpin and some trims.

Now I had to concentrate on the packages for my friends Susan and Miet. I knew Susan's favorite color is blue so a blue santa, stickpin and trims. The other goodies I had to leave out because we didn't have large enough envelopes at the time and we couldn't get any for another couple of weeks. I decided to send just part of the package as the photo shows.

Miet's favorite color is autumn colors so I made her santa in a dark wine red, with the same additional items as for Susan and sent off my packages as quickly as they would go. The other part of their packages they will be getting soon.

First to arrive was a huge box from my dear friend Susan filled with the goodies you can see in the photo, a beautiful decorated Christmas tree and two ball ornaments, two soft fluffy towels, an angel ornament, thread, fabrics, trims and some beautiful pieces of felt with "diamonds" on them, and a thimble from Texas. Thank you Susan I love everything!

Next to arrive was another large box, this time from another dear friend, Miet. A gorgeous santa and Christmas tree pincushions, some cute little felt trims and two boxes of wonderful Belgian chocolates. For anyone who has not tasted Belgian chocolates the box in the photo is to die for! The other box is hidden for now - LOL. Thank you Miet!

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