Monday, January 19, 2009

October 2008

September and October kind of melded together for our whole family. In October 2000 my husband Shalom suffered a massive stroke and was put on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Over the years the pills are what has been keeping him going. Early in 2008 after seeing him struggle with lots of blood coming out in the toilet and him telling us he was OK. My daughter Liat and I decided we were going with him to his next cardiologist appointment. He was immediately given all kinds of tests to undergo and we found out he had colon cancer. He went through a series of chemo and radiation treatments to reduce the growth as much as possible so it could be removed. At the end of October he underwent a 6 hour surgery to remove a growth 32 cms in length and they opened up a hole in his abdomen for a Stoma bag.
I managed to sew this cat pincushion and stuff it while visiting him in the hospital. I made this pincushion for my friend Miet from Belgium. The cat was supposed to hold a bobbin of yellow thread between it's paws but I couldn't find yellow thread at the time so I sent her red thread instead.

This is the beautiful butterfly pincushion I received from Miet, together with a tissue holder, a small tin which will be made into a small sewing kit and a beautiful thimble from Holland where Miet went on vacation. There were also some chocolates in the package but my grandsons "found" them when I opened the package and they were very quickly eaten - LOL.

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