Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pincushions and Creations for June 2008


Here I am back again already with the June hapennings. This month we had to make a fruit pincushion for our swap partners.

I made a "fruit salad" for Skeat, an apple, a pear and a banana.

I received this cute apple pincushion and some apple fabric from Janie, you can almost smell the apples on the fabric.

One of the gals in the group sent a photo of a pincushion tree and had everyone scrambling to buy the pattern. Since I would rather have the challenge of trying to make it myself, I gave it a try and this was my first version of it.

My dowel was a very thick one, actually a paper towel holder because one of my grandsons decided he needed my dowel for a game. When he finally gave me my dowel back I tried another version of the pincushion tree. That will be coming next time.

This next pincushion came about because I saw a pincushion that my friend Susanne from Australia made. I used up quite a bit of fabric before I finally managed to get it right. These umbrella pincushions are so addictive and look so pretty. In this photo you can see the pincushion part (the inside of the umbrella).

and here are the three that I have made so far.

For July 2008 there will be lots of new photos, so till then,

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