Tuesday, January 20, 2009

November 2008

Hi again,

Shalom was home from the hospital, resting, mainly laying down because he couldn't sit. He actually still can't sit but that's for a later post.

I made this pincushion for Kathie for December, decided to get it off early because I had to make some Christmas pincushions for my friends Susan and Miet. I sent this to Kathie together with a stickpin, lace and fabric and waited for my swap to come from Kathie.

On 22nd of November I was chatting with Liat and she told me she was on her way out to visit an old school friend, Elad, who she had a crush on way back in high school and they had met again and were going to give it another try. I wished her all the best and told her I would call the next day.

Later that evening I got a call from Liat, she said she was in the ER and had a broken ankle. She put my son Eyal on the phone and he explained that she had broken her ankle in 3 places and would need surgery to fix it back together. for now they couldn't operate because her ankle was so swolen so she was being hospitalized till the swelling went down.

She had her operation on the 25th and what was supposed to take only 40 minutes turned into 3 hours. they had to put in a plate and about 10 screws. She was in hospital for 8 days and because she lives alone and had to stay off her leg for at least 6 weeks, we brought her home to be with us.

I now had 2 patients to look after.

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