Thursday, February 19, 2009


A lot has been happening here this past week, I was hurrying from the post office and I fell. I had to be taken to the ER by ambulance. I was pretty banged up and I'm still hurting after a week.
Anyway I had some good news, both Miet and Susan received the other part of their Christmas boxes as you can see from the photo below, courtesy of Susan. The only difference in the packages was the color of the humbag bag.

We had a new swap on the CAPC group and this is what I sent to my swap partner Marian in Australia.

This gorgeous mouse angel is what I received in return, together with some fabric, a postcard of where Marian lives and all wrapped up in the cutest baggy.

This is the back view of the mouse angel where you can see the scissors Marian added. Thank you Marian for a wonderful swap package.

Now I'm working on some new pincushions, one is for a birthday and two will be for swaps.

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Carla said...

I was sorry to hear you fell. Hope you are on the mend now! Love that pincushion you made with the petals.