Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another package has arrived

I received another one of my swap packages, this one is from Chris on CAPC. Chris made a beautiful baby block pincushion with embroidery on all sides, fat quarters folded in the shape of a star, a little baggie with trims and a pretty picture on fabric of a stork bringing a baby. Chris has a new grandbaby so this swap was all baby themed.
Here you can see one side of the pincushion with the lovely pins Chris added.

and here is the other side of the pincushion where Chris added a special embroidery. Thank you Chris.
Sherri has received her swap package from me so now I can show what I made for her. Our theme was Spring and so I made a lambkin.
I needed to make new thimbles to add in to my swap packages. This time I used a set of ladybirds instead of flowers and I painted "ISRAEL" in blue instead of the usual black. I've added a before thimble in plain wood so you can see the difference.

Till next time,

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